About Tony Rein

I’m a free-lance software developer interested in finding solutions to people’s problems using appropriate tools. I’m willing to use whichever tool fits the job best; however, I most enjoy using open-source software. Some of my favorites are:

  • Linux (Various distributions, but usually it’s Debian, Ubuntu and Arch, or one of their variants)
  • FreeNAS. FreeNAS is a specialist variant of FreeBSD intended for use on network attached storage servers.
  • Python. I love the Python “ecosystem.” There are so many thousands of libraries available on Github and PyPI.
  • Vim. There are of course some things that you can do with an IDE that you can’t do with Vim, or that are harder to do with Vim. However, for editing a Python or Bash script, or making a few changes in a config file, Vim can’t be beat! (Once you develop the “muscle memory,” that is.)

I am also comfortable in PHP, Visual Studio, C-Sharp and DotNet, and have done work in several SQL and NOSQL databases, JavaScript and VBA.

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