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Andrew’s (Personal) Music Musings Blog Ideas 1/19

What Is This?
A place for me to review, explore and share some of my favorite music. Most of my favs are rock or blues, but I could include some classical pieces too. I might include personal stories or recollections or opinions. I might organize the music into rough themes or collections. So far I’ve discovered new things just preparing for this blog. Maybe we can have conversations related to some of this.

Theme 1: First or Cover? (Do I like one better?) 
Cover songs don’t always get a lot of respect. Yet many famous bands started with cover songs. The Beatles and Stones, all did covers at one time in their careers. It turns out that many of the songs I love were performed by artists other than the one that first recorded and released the song. So I thought it would be fun to explore some of the songs I like and to research the version that came first. Some of these were new to me.

Dreamland written by Joni Mitchell

1976 Roger McGuinn
Liked it first time I heard it. Very upbeat

with a unique rhythmic sound.

1977Joni Mitchell

Even though Joni wrote this, her version came out later.

Very different mood and sound. Does not really work for me, but I respect Mitchell so much
as a writer and creative force I wanted to include it.

Hell’s Bells
1980 AC/DC

2000 Dandy Warhols


1960 MESSIN’ WITH THE KID – Junior Wells

1968 Tighten up Your Wig – Steppenwolf, same tune with new lyrics, but they even refer to Wells in the song