Tony’s IT Portfolio

Thanks for taking a moment to check out my portfolio. Below are links to some of the things I’ve worked on.

  • A Honeypot System for Academic Research¬†My senior project at the University of Cincinnati in 2015. This project involved parsing log files on SSH servers and allowing filtering and download of the saved data. Among the technologies used were Python, Node, ElasticSearch (a NoSQL db system), and Bootstrap.
  • Holiday Labels and Lists This is a Winforms C-Sharp app I made for a non-profit agency to replace the manual process they’d previously used to generate some of their reports.
  • Podderewski A Python app I wrote for my own use. It periodically downloads new episodes of the podcasts I subscribe to.
  • JotFormWrapper A non-profit agency where I volunteer planned to use a JotForm ( to register participants in an event, and found that it did not quite meet all their requirements. I wrote JotFormWrapper in an attempt to add the functionality they needed.
  • VolunteerHubWrapper This is a demo of some techniques for manipulating Web pages using Selenium.